Accounts Overview

An account is an organization, company, or consumer that you want to track—for example, a customer, partner, or competitor.

Accounts are the customers, competitors, and partners your organization works with. Each account stores information such as name, address, phone numbers and other general information. For each account, you can store related or associated information; such as opportunities, cases, activities, projects, orders, etc.

The Accounts tab displays a home page that lets you quickly create and locate all types of accounts, and also sort and filter your accounts using standard and custom views. This tab will also let you view your account's geographical location on a map, each account is represented by a marker.

Accounts are categorized by type, in Snapforce there are 12 default Account Types:

  • Affiliate
  • Competitor
  • Customer
  • Distributor
  • Partner
  • Manufacturer
  • Partner
  • Prospect
  • Reseller
  • Supplier
  • Vendor
  • Other

User Permissions Needed

To view accounts: “Read”
To edit accounts: “Write”
To delete accounts: “Write”
To transfer ownership on accounts: “Transfer”