Associating Products

To add products in Opportunities

  1. Click the Opportunities tab located on your top navigation bar.
  2. In the Opportunities Home page, select the Opportunity you wish to work in.
  3. In the Opportunity Details page under Products section, the list of products associated with this Opportunity are displayed. Click Associate Product button. 
  4. In the Product Mapping page, check the box next to the products you wish to add to this Opportunity. Click Select button.
  5. In the Customize Opportunity Products page, enter the quantity and sales price for each product selected. The Date and Line Description fields are optional.
  6. Click Save once finished.

After adding products to an opportunity the Amount of the Opportunity will be auto-populated with the new total amount. 


When an Opportunity has products associated with it, the total amount of the Opportunity is calculated automatically by taking the total of all Opportunity Product's  Sales Price * Quantity.