Building a Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Base is a place where your employees/users can create questions within your organization, that can be answered.

To create a new question in the knowledge base navigate to the top navigation bar and select More > then select Knowledge Base.

There will be two tabs showing, the first tab is the top layer of your Knowledge Base (if you are in this module for the first time, this area will be empty), the second tab is where you can create categories and new questions. To begin, you first need to create some categories, to do that select the New tab > click the New Category button > a pop-up bob will appear enter your Category Name and click Save

Now that you have your categories created we can begin to ask save some commonly asked questions that your users will find helpful. To create a new question in your Knowledge Base click the New tab > submit the New Question Form and click Save once finished. 

Now that you have some commonly asked questions saved in your Knowledge Base we can admire the fruits of our labor. To view your work click the Knowledge Base tab and you will see the "top layer" of your Knowledge Base. The top layer is the parent categories you originally created, to see all of the questions you saved for a particular category, click one of the categories in this top layer. After selecting a category you will see the list of questions within this category, click one of the questions listed. From within this question you are able to respond with an Answer, or multiple answers.

Use Case #1

The idea behind this is to allow your users a means to ask their non-critical questions here then being able to get right back to work. Whenever the system admin (yourself) answers their question that user will be notified and can come back to view the answer. 

Use Case #2

The idea behind this is to allow your users a means to lookup their questions within the Knowledge Base to make it easier for them to access the information they need to assist customers and answer questions. The questions within this knowledge base can be questions that customers may ask, the answers are how you want your users/employees to answer said questions.



  • If you want to make use of Use Case #1 and Use Case #2, you can create two parent categories, the first is Internal Knowledge Base, the second is Customer Knowledge Base; you will then build out each of these parent categories accordingly. Your users will select the Internal Knowledge Base when they have a question about their job, and will select Customer Knowledge Base when a customer asks them a question.