Change Your Password

If at any moment during your Snapforce experience, you need to change your password feel free to do so!

For security best practices, we recommend changing your password periodically.



It is a good idea for administrator's to outline a password policy from the get go.

  • For example, choose a time frame that your users should reset their passwords.
  • Than setup a recurring task for each user, the task specifies that user passwords should be reset on a periodic basis.
  • That way your users will be prompted to change password at the end of each period.

  1. Navigate to your home dashboard - located on the left of the page is a “Key” icon that reads Change Password.
  2. Alternatively - you can select Click Here and you will see the password information page.
  3. Type your current password, than create your new password, and lastly re-type your password for verification purposes.
  4. Click on the Submit button, and your new password should have updated successfully.

If you lose your password, you can click forgot your password on the login page, to receive a reset link via email.