Contacts Overview

Contacts are the individual people you speak/work/communicate with, they are usually part of an Account. A lot of times, new users to CRM are confused by the differences in Contacts vs Accounts, to try and clear up the confusion please read the below example. 

If you have a contact by the name of John Smith - Vice President of Sales at Ford Motor Co.

In Snapforce - the Contact would be John Smith who currently holds the title of Vice President of Sales. Ford Motor Co is the Account who John Smith is associated with.

A contact is a person that may be associated with an Account, Lead or Opportunity. In most cases a Contact record is automatically created from the personal information found in the Lead once the “Convert” button is pressed and a Prospect Account is created. The original person found in that Lead will be converted into a Contact which is now properly associated with the newly converted Prospect Account.

User Permissions Needed

To view contacts: “Read” on contacts
To edit contacts: “Edit” on contacts


Contacts have a one-to-many relationship in Snapforce, which allows for one single contact to be associated to many different records. Contacts can be associated with Accounts, Leads or Opportunities.