Converting Leads

In Snapforce qualified Leads get converted into Prospect Accounts. Once a Lead has been qualified, and you feel comfortable keeping it in the system and tracking its progress you should than convert it by using the Convert button.


From within the Lead record click the Convert button; located towards the top of the Lead Detail page. You will arrive on the Lead Conversion page where you can define your parameters. The only required fields in the convert form is the Account Informationsection. If you do not wish to create an Opportunity simply check the box that says Do not create a new Opportunity upon conversion . The Case information section and Task information section are both optional. Once you have defined your conversion criteria, make sure to click Save.


At the time a Lead is converted into a Prospect Account it automatically gets an associated Contact (created from the personal information found in the lead).


On the conversion page the Account information section is required, the Opportunity information is optional, the Case information is optional, and the Task information is optional.