Creating Accounts

Snapforce CRM provides the option for you to create New accounts. All user levels have access to this.

1 .Login to Snapforce Crm with credentials.

2. On the home dashboard, Select the "Accounts" Tab.Which will direct you to the new Account page in your system.

3. When arriving on the accounts home page select "New Account"

4. Fill in the criteria needed. Only the Name and the Record type fields are required. The new Account form has many account information fields you can optionally fill-in.

5. Select "Save"


  • You can make adjustments to an acocunt as needed.
  • When selecting a Record Type when creating an account different record types can have different fields and different picklist values.
  • To specify that an Account is a child of another Account, fill in the Parent Account field. You can then view a hierarchy of Account relationships.
  • If your organization uses Territory Management, account assignment rules can automatically assign newly created accounts to territories. See Territory Management Overview.