Creating An IVR/Auto Attendant

To create an IVR/Auto Attendant system for your PBX follow the below instruction:

  1. Click Telephony > Tools > Auto Attendants > Extensions
  2. Now on the New Extension page, you should see one or more primary numbers in the Phone Number drop down. If you do not skip to the last step.
  3. Create extensions for each user
  4. Enter the name of the extension (or users name), select that users extension number, and enter a destination phone number (this is where the caller will be forwarded to when clicking this extension, it can be a mobile number or your users assigned snapforce phone number) > Save.
  5. After creating your extensions, click Tools > Auto Attendants > Greetings. Follow the instruction to record your IVR/Auto Attendant greeting (this is the recording your callers will here when they dial your primary phone number).

The IVR/Auto Attendant greeting is a recording that tells your callers what extensions they can dial, each extension you choose to say in your recording you will need to have already setup an extension for (follow the above steps).