Creating Contacts

In Snapforce CRM, contacts are individual business contacts that you work with in your business or work dealings. Contacts can be the owner of a company, a secretary, etc. In Snapforce CRM your customers are created as “Accounts” and the contacts within your customers are “Contacts”. So for example if your customer’s name is ABC Importing Co., you would create a new Account for ABC Importing Co., and any of the people that you work with from ABC Importing Co will be added as ‘Contacts’. You can associate as many contacts as you wish with an account.

From anywhere in your system, navigate to the top of your current page and click the Contacts Tab located on your system’s top navigation. Choose New Contact, which will direct you to the new contacts page in your system. From the new contacts page, you are ready to create a new contact. The new contact form has many contact information fields you can optionally fill in if you wish, there are two required fields; Last Name and Account Name, both must be filled in before saving.