Data Types - Phone

When creating new custom fields in Snapforce there are many data types to choose from, the data type Phone  should be selected for any phone type data you plan on capturing, this will work on a strict level and will alter the behavior of your system in the following ways:

#1.) Writing To Data

When writing to data (creating new records/editing existing records), these fields will not allow you to save an invalid telephone number. Validation testing prevents your users from submitting phone numbers that have invalid characters (letters, special characters, etc). It will also check to make sure that the value is the correct length, so it will not let your user submit a phone number that is only 3 digits long or 5 digits long, etc.

#2.) Reading Data

When reading data that has the Phone data type, the phone numbers will be formatted as such; "tel:" hyperlinks. This means when you view a record your browser will know that the field is displaying a telephone number and it will allow you to click the number and call out (albeit only if you have a softphone set as the default device on your computer).


  • Auto-Formatting your phone numbers to a specific format (such as (xxx) xxx-xxxx), does not take place on the database level, that can be set in the formatting section of your configuration settings.
  • If you plan on including extensions or may need to store alphanumeric characters you should not use the Phone data type; use Text instead.