Deleting Accounts

Deleting Accounts - Location

To delete an account, navigate to Accounts, find the account that you want to delete and click the Account Name -> now you will be on the Account Detail page, click the Delete Account button on the top of the page -> a pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm you wish to delete the record, select Delete to complete the action.

Deleting Accounts - Overview

The delete Account function is for individual accounts, to delete multiple accounts at one time please use the Bulk Delete tool.

User Permissions Needed

To delete accounts “Delete” permissions required.
Administrator "Delete" permissions enabled.
Upper Management "Delete" permissions enabled.
Department Manager "Delete" permissions enabled for modules managed by said department. "Ownership" required for modules not managed by said department.
Standard User "Ownership" required on record.


  • After deleting an account it is moved the system recycle bin, and is not permanently erased from your database.
  • To permanently delete an account Administrator rights are required.
  • To restore a deleted account, click the restore button next to the account in the system Recycle Bin.