Dialing Outbound Without a 1 Preceding the Area Code

By default your softphone will throw a 404 error when dialing out anytime the area code is not preceded by the number 1. This is especially burdonsome when using your softphone' call log to redial a recently contacted number, or by calling on of your phone' "Contacts". We got around this by implementing the following settings on the zoiper soft phone (free edition):

Open zoiper > click config on top right > click your account to start modifying your settings > scroll down the list and click number rewriting. You will see three options:

Step 1 - check the box that says strip characters

Step 2 - add the following charachers to be stripped -() +

Step 3 - click overwrite international dialing code > scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Other" > delete the + symbol, leave empty and click save.

This would strip out all non numeric characters from the caller id string and add a 1 in front of the number regardless if it was already there or not when calling outbound.


  • Following the ) symbol in step 2 above there is a blank space, this is because we also want to strip out all blank spaces from caller id number.