Duplicate Prevention

You can prevent duplicate data in Snapforce by setting one or multiple fields as "Unique" in your Admin area. To configure this:

  1. Navigate to the top navigation bar and click your Username > Setup > Customize (Sidebar) > Module Name > Fields.
  2. From this page you will see a list of Standard Fields, and a list of Custom fields for the module you selected. 
  3. Next to the field you wish to make "Unique" click Edit
  4. Mark the Unique checkbox as checked and Save.

What this means is that there can only be one single record in your system with the same value in this field. So for example if you want to prevent duplicate Leads from being created in the future, you can mark one or many lead fields as Unique, this means that when creating a lead the system will not allow you to save the lead if another lead already exists with the same value in that field. 

Below we go over a real world Duplicate Prevention scenario:

Problem: Preventing duplicate leads based on phone number and company name

Solution: Setting the company field and the phone number field in your leads module as "Unique" field types.

Example: When creating a new lead Snapforce will validate your lead before saving it; and checking if any leads currently exist in your database that have the same Phone Number or the same Company Name. If a lead exists with either or, Snapforce will throw a duplicate error, and prevent the lead from being saved.


  • Duplicate Prevention once enabled, will only prevent duplicates in the future and not remove or correct any duplicates that already exist
  • There is no limit on the number of "Unique" Fields you can have
  • Unique Fields work as an OR operation (Using the above example: Prevent this lead from being saved if another lead already has this company name OR if another lead has this phone number).