Editing Account Details

Editing Accounts - Location

To edit an account - navigate to the top of your current page and find the Accounts Tab located on your system’s top navigation. Click the Accounts tab, once clicked a drop-down menu will open with multiple options. Choose Accounts, which will direct you to the Account Lists page -> now select an account you want to edit -> now you should be on the account detail page, select theEdit Account button on the top of the page -> you will now be on the Edit Account page.

Editing Accounts - Overview

The edit Account form has many account information fields you can optionally update if you wish, the only required field is theAccount Name.

User Permissions Needed


To edit accounts “Edit” permissions required.
Administrator "Edit" permissions enabled.
Upper Management "Edit" permissions enabled.
Department Manager "Edit" permissions enabled for modules managed by said department. "Ownership" required for modules not managed by said department.
Standard User

"Ownership" required on record.


  • It is recommended to choose a Record Type when editing an account. Different record types can have different fields and different picklist values.
  • To specify that an Account is a child of another Account, fill in the Parent Account field. You can then view a hierarchy of Account relationships.
  • If your organization uses Territory Management, account assignment rules can automatically assign newly created accounts to territories. See Territory Management Overview.