How To Receive Email Alerts

Snapforce CRM provides the option for you to receive email alerts upon the creation of new accounts , contacts , leads , opportunities , and tasks. Only users with Administrator privileges have access to setup up users to receive alerts.

1. Login to Snapforce Crm with Credentials.

2. On the home dashboad select your Username > Setup

3. Navigate to the left side and select "Reminders".

4.On the reminders page next to the module name you want to create an alert for select "New".

5. Choose a user you want to create the alert for . It could be yourself or another user.

6. Response Type: Select "Email"

7. Type in the email address

8. Select "Save" 

Notes: On the reminder page. Under each module you can see which users are currently set up to receive alerts. You can add and remove users from receiving alerts as needed.