How to Choose a Report Date Range

Snapforce's Reports module gives you the ability to create as flexible results as possible.  If your company has been using the system for a while, sometimes your reports can get cluttered with records spanning several months or years.  To filter your results by date, you can use the Report Filters to specify a certain date range.

The following steps will demonstrate how to choose a date range for your reports.

  1. Log into Snapforce CRM.
  2. At the top of the screen, select Reports.
  3. On the left, select the module you want to run a report for (e.g. Account Reports).
  4. Select the name of the report you wish to run (e.g. Accounts - Build Custom Report).  See: "Running a Report" for more information on how to build a report.
  5. In the Date Field box, select which date you want to restrict by.  Your choices depend on the module and what Date fields exist, but always include "Date Created" and "Date Last Modified". (see: "Creating Custom Fields" for more information on how to make your own Date field).
    • If your Date Field was chosen as "Date Created", then all records will only compare their "Date Created" field to the date range you choose.
  6. In the Range box, select the preset date range you wish, or click Custom
    • Selecting All Time will pull all records
    • Selecting Custom will pull records for the date range you choose.  Click the From box to select a start date and click the To box to select an end date.
    • Selecting anything from the Fiscal Year section will pull all records for the appropriate fiscal year(s) specified for your company (e.g. July 1 through June 30)
    • Selecting anything from the Fiscal Quarter section will pull all records for the appropriate fiscal quarter(s) specified for your company
    • Selecting anything from the Calendar Year, Calendar Month, Calendar Week, or Calendar Day sections will only pull the appropriate records.
  7. Click Run Report at the top to filter your results.

Please note that anything you enter in the the From and To fields will be ignored unless you selected "Custom" as your date range.