How to Export a Report

Snapforce CRM gives you the option to export a copy of your reports directly onto your computer.

The following steps will walk you through exporting a report onto your computer.

  1. Log into the Snapforce CRM.
  2. At the top of the screen, click Reports to go to the Reports module.
  3. Select and run a report (see "Running a Report" for more information)
  4. At the top of the reports results, click Export Details to open the "Export Specification" window.
  5. Give the export a name, and choose field delimeters.  In most cases, you can leave these as the default, but you may want to change them based on your data.
    • For Field delimeter, choose a character (comma, colon, or semicolon) that does not appear in your data.  For example, you will usually want to use commas, but if your data has lots of commas in it, choose another delimeter.
    • For Text Delimeter, choose a character to enclose results that will have the field delimeter in them.  Double quotes are most common, but you may want to use single quotes.
  6. Click the Export button to create a file in the system for your data.
  7. In the Saved Reports window, look for the file that you just saved, and click it to download.  This will save a copy of the file on your computer.

When opening the file on your computer, it is important to remember the same Field delimeter and the Text delimeter you specified in step 5.  If you do not, then your software may not display the data correctly on your computer.