How to Group Report Results

Grouping your report results is an effective way to get a quick summary of your data.  You can group according to any data field to get an indication of how many records share that same field.  When running reports on Opportunities, you can also see the total cost of all opportunities in that group at a glance.

The following steps will demonstrate grouping report results.

  1. Log into Snapforce CRM.
  2. At the top of the screen, select Reports.
  3. On the left, select the module you want to run a report for (e.g. Opportunity Reports).
  4. Select the name of the report you wish to run (e.g. Opportunities By Type), or choose to build a custom report (see: "Running a Report" for more information).
  5. In the Report Filters box, click the Group By dropdown menu.
  6. Select the data field you wish to group by.
  7. (Optional) Enter a number in the Limit box to pick a maximum number of records to show per group (e.g. 10).
  8. (Optional) Disable the Show Details option to not display any records and only show the group headers.
  9. Click Run Report to update the list of reports at the bottom of the page.

The group headers will appear as blue bars that span the width of the table.  They have the data field type you chose in step 6, as well as the number of records that match each entry in the data field.  For reports in the Opportunities module, the header will also display the total amount that all opportunities in that group are worth.

If you picked a record limit in step 7, then any groups with more than that many records will only show up to your limit. If you unchecked Show Details in step 8, then no records will show and you will only see the headers.