How to Re-Arrange The Order of Picklist Options

Snapforce CRM provides the option for you to Re-Arrange The Order of Picklist Options. Only Users with administrator privileges have access to do this.

1. Login to Snapforce CRM with administrator credentials.

2. On the home dashboard select your Username 

3. Select Setup 

4. On the left side of the administrator setup page select Customize > Opportunities > Fields 

5. Choose which picklist field you would like to rearrange the order of. 

6. Select Options 

7.Add one or more picklist values below. Each Value should be on its own line. Currently your picklist has no order, after selecting your picklist values it will reflect on your dashboard and when you edit or create a new opportunity. The picklist will be in the order of the values you have chosen.

8. Select Save

9. To confirm that your picklist values are in the correct order navigate to opportunities select new opportunity or edit a current opportunity and select the drop down field you have just picked the values for, you should then see the picklist in the order of the values you selected.


  • When editing the order of picklist options, the new order will appear in that picklist field when creating and editing records.
  • The new order will also appear on Dashboard charts (for example re-ordering your pipeline stages).

Video Tutorial