How to create a task reminder

Snapforce CRM provides the option for you to create a task reminder. The reminder can be sent to you via email or cell phone. Only users with Administrator privelages have access to create reminders.

1. Login to Snapforce Crm with Credentials.

2. On the home dashboad select your Username > Setup

3. Navigate to the left side and select "Reminders".

4. On the reminders page select "Upcoming Reminders".

5. Select "New Reminder"

6. Choose the response type: You can choose to have the reminder sent to you via email or sms.

7. Select a time frame. 

8. You can choose whether you want the task reminder to be sent to both the assigned to user and the task owner. If so check the check mark box.

9. Select "Save"



You can check upcoming reminders you have set by navigating back to the reminders page and selecting upcoming reminders.