Import Data

To import data you can use the Import Tool available within your system, or you can submit a case at the top of this client portal and request our technical team to conduct the import for you. To move forward importing data on your own:

  • Navigate to your top navigation bar and click the User Icon.
  • Click the Settings option.
  • Once on the settings page choose either Import Accounts, Import Contacts, Import Leads to begin the import process.
  • Now you should be on the import page for the module you selected. To begin importing, click Browse to find your file on your local computer. Once you locate the file you wish to import just double click it and the import process will begin.

Supported File types

Snapforce migration tool has a performance rate of 99.99% accuracy on every 1,000,000 records imported. This level of quality is the reason why the CSV file type is the only supported extension (compromising the quality of your data is not an option).


Four Tips to a Perfect Migration: Before migrating data into Snapforce CRM, please go through the following check-list:

  • File type – All the files to be imported should be in CSV format. Any other format is not supported.
  • File format - The order of the fields you import during migration is very important, to prevent accidental field placement we recommend downloading the sample/example CSV file provided in your software’s Import Module. (see below for a screen shot of the correct file format)
  • Data type – To ensure perfect accuracy during migration we require each module type to be imported separately, go to your current CRM or data server and export the data by type (Example – Accounts, Contacts, Leads… )
  • Check for accuracy – Confirm the CSV files containing your data are accurately formatted.

Tip – Snapforce has researched the cases when inaccuracy is noticed by a user, and the conclusion is always the same; the users report when looking back at their CSV files their data was exported incorrectly from their previous CRM provider.