Marking A Task Complete

Snapforce CRM provides the abillity to mark task Completed. All user levels have access to this. To mark a task Completed:

1. Login to snapforce CRM with credentials.

2. Navigate to the Activities module located on the top of the home dashboard .

3. Select TasksYou should now be on the Tasks Dashboard page.

4. Under Task Title select the task you would like to mark complete.

5. On the detail view task page select Mark Complete.

6. You can add completed notes before saving. If you have no additional notes or comments continue and select Submit Completed Task.

         To see that the task has been marked completed, just navigate back to the tasks module and for the default view select My Completed Tasks.


Mark a task Completed Through the Record:

1. Navigate to the search bar on the left side on the home dashboard page.

2. To find the task you want to make adjustments to, type in the record name you have created the task to be completed for in the search bar.

3. Click the search button. 

4.Select the customer record the task is under.

5. On the Detail view page scroll down and locate where it shows Latest Activity located above then select Tasks.

6. Select the check mark next to the task you would like to mark as completed.

7. Choose the Submit Completed Task option.

   For each customer record under the Latest Task tab, you can see all past and present tasks that have been completed and not completed, it will show a green check mark icon under the field Complete for the tasks that have been finished and a white check mark next to the tasks that have not been completed.

    You can always select the icon under the field View to see the task details.


You can also mark a task complete by selecting any of the main modules on the top dashboard you have created the task to be completed for. From there you would just select the customer record name. Either way will direct you onto the detail view page. From the detail view page follow steps 5-7.