Opportunities Overview

Opportunities are business deals with companies or people that generate revenue for your organization. Opportunities allow your company to track, manage, and operate your organization sales pipeline. Using Opportunities to keep track of your business deals in Snapforce will provide you an easy and effective way to measure your sales cycle, quickly measure the performance of your sales department, see which customers you should expect sales from, and how much revenue is expected to be generated in future operating periods.


Working With Opportunities

In all sales departments, opportunities are the most important records to generate actual revenue for the organization. In a typical B2B organization all opportunities have to undergo a 360 degree sales cycle (i.e. sales workflow), which begins with identifying the qualified prospect and concludes with prospects being won or lost. The activities within this sales cycle that have to be completed are; sending product information to opportunities, product demonstrations, sending sales quotes and business negotiations. Opportunities are especially important to your organizations management, as they provide the following information:

  • Sales cycle

  • The expected sales volume (Product units and price)

  • The sales status and the estimated sales probability in each sales stage

  • Reasons for the sales status (Won/Lost)

  • Competitors of the opportunity

  • Forecast visibility for future quarter/year sales

Opportunities Home Page

Click the Opportunities tab to view the Opportunities Home page and perform the following operations:

  • The records are displayed in List Views. Define your own Custom Views as per your requirements. 

  • Mass delete the records by selecting the check boxes corresponding to the records and clicking on the Delete button.

  • Search records by using the search bar located in the top left corner.

  • Print the potentials along with the necessary details.


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