Opportunity Fields

Field Name  API Format Description Data Type Maximum LImit
Record Type  type  The type of record Text -
Record Owner  owner  The Snapforce CRM user for whom the record is assigned Lookup -
Synced With synced_with The quote id for whom the record is syncing with. Lookup(Quote) BigInt(32)
Opportunity Name name The opportunity name, the record's name Text -
Opportunity Type type The type of opportunity, usually new business or existing business Text Alphanumeric(50)
Close Date close_date For Closed Opportunities this is the date marked as Closed, for Open Opportunities this is the Expected Close Date. Text Alphanumeric(50)
Stage stage The stage of the opportunity Picklist Alphanumeric(100)
Probability probability The probability or the likelihood of closing the deal Percentage Decimal(2,2)
Amount amount The amount of the opportunity Text Alphanumeric(100)
Next Step next_step The next step in the opportunity process Text Alphanumeric(255)
Description description The description of the opportunity Text Alphanumeric(100)
Lead Source lead_source Where this opportunity came from, usually referring to what advertising method produced this opportunity. Picklist Alphanumeric(100)
Account Name account_id The Account Record of whom the record is associated to Lookup(Account) BigInt(32)
Campaign Name campaign_id The Campaign that produced this opportunity Lookup(Account) BigInt(32)
Price Book Name price_book_id The Price Book that is being used when selecting Opportunity Products. Lookup(Price Book) BigInt(32)
Sum of All Hours Worked timecards__sum_of_all_hours_worked Sum of all timecards' hours, both approved and not approved. Number 16,0
Sum of All Approved Hours Worked timecards__sum_of_approved_hours_worked Sum of all timecards' hours, only approved. Number 16,0
Date of Last Commission opp_last_commission Date the last commission was received for this record. Date 0000-00-00
Created By created_by Who created this record Lookup(User) BigInt(32)
Date Created  date_created  The date the record was created.  DateTime  0000-00-00 00:00:00
Last Modified By last_modified_by Who last edited this record Lookup(User) BigInt(32)
Date Last Modified date_last_modified The date the record was last modified DateTime  0000-00-00 00:00:00
Username  username  The username of the Snapforce CRM user who created the record Email Alphanumeric and Special Character (125)
Custom Field 1- 100 customfield1 - customfield100 The custom field(s) your administrator arbitrarily created Specified by your administrator Specified by your administrator.