Picking Dashlets

Once you have created your new dashboard, you can pick the dashlets you want to display by clicking the "Edit" button in the upper-right corner of the new dashlet box.

This will open up the New Dashlet window with a selection of dashlets to choose from.

Click on the title of the dashlet you wish to include in this slot. In this demonstration, we will use the dashlet called "Aggregate Closed Sales (x axis and y axis defined by you)".

Once you click on the dashlet, you will be taken to the Dashlet Information page where you will be able to select the information you wish to display.

From here, you can choose what information you want displayed, and how you want it displayed. The component dropdown menu lets you select what kind of chart or graph you want to use to visualize your data. Below it, you can customize the title and footer.

On the bottom, under "Additional Information", you can pick the data you want shown. In this dashlet, the Y-axis only has a few options, and the X-axis is automatically defined based on the Y-axis. You can pick the date range for the dashlet, as well as which date field is being checked. The options for the date range include

  • All data
  • Custom data
  • Fiscal year (current or otherwise)
  • Fiscal quarter (current or otherwise)
  • Calendar year, month, week, day

Choose the options you want for your data, and click the "save" button to update the dashlet on your dashboard. You will return to the dashboard, and Snapforce will display the dashlet the way you configured.

Note where the title and footer fields are displayed on the dashlet. The "edit" button on the configured dashlet will now take you back to the Dashlet Information page instead of picking a new dashlet. The "delete" button will remove the dashlet from the dashboard and return it to a blank slate to pick a new dashlet to take its place.

At the bottom of the New Dashlet list are the custom dashlets. There are three categories of custom dashlets

  • My Personal Custom Reports
  • Unfiled Public Reports
  • Best Practice Service Reports

These three report categories are created through the Reports module, but will also be displayable as dashlets (see: Creating Custom Reports in the User Guide).