Product Fields

Field Name API Format Description Data Type Maximum Size
Product ID product_id The Product record's unique ID. BIGINT 32
Account ID account_id The Account ID the product is associated with. BIGINT 32
Product Name product_name Name the product. Text 150
Product Description product_description A description of the product. TextArea 32,000
Product Notes product_notes Internal notes about this product. TextArea 5,000
Active is_active Checkbox used for marking if the product is active or not. Boolean n/a
Product Code product_code The product code used to identify the record. Text 32
Produce Price product_price The standard price you charge for this product. Currency 16.2
Product Type product_type The type of product; usually either tangible good or service. Picklist 150
Product Category product_category The category the product is organized under. Picklist 150
Product Family product_family The family this product is grouped with. Picklist 150
Created By created_by The price book creator. INT 11
Custom Field1 - 85 custom_field1 ... custom_field85 Custom fields number 1 through 85 - -