Running a Report

To run a report, first open the Reports module by clicking Reports on the top of the page. This opens the Company Reports page. From here, you can choose a module you want to run a report for.

To run a report on your opportunities, click Opportunity Reports in the left-hand column on the page. To run a report for any other module, click the appropriate report category.

Note: In addition to these modules, you can also export a report you've already saved (see: "Saving and Exporting Reports" in the User Guide), or you can run a custom report you've already made (see: "Custom Reports" in the User Guide).

Once inside the category for the module you want to run a report for, you will see a list of pre-made reports.

Click on one of the pre-made reports to run the report. In this example, we will use Opportunities by Type. This will give a list of every opportunity in the system, grouped together by the value in the opportunity's "type" field.

At the top of the report, you can change some of the parameters for the report. At the moment, this report looks at all opportunities in the system. Ifyou only want to view your opportunities, click the "Show" dropdown menu and click My Opportunities. This will filter the results to only show the ones with your account as the owner.

If you want to group the results into similar records, click the "Group By" dropdown menu and select the field to use. In this example, we group by Amount. Note that within each Amount category, records will still be grouped primarily by Type, because this is the "Opportunities by Type" report.  See also: "How to Group Report Results" in the User Guide.

Once you make any changes to the Report Filters, click Run Report to update the records.

Note that each Amount category specifies the value in the Amount field, and how many records have that amount. On the right side of the headers, it also gives the total amount of all records in that category.

You can also change the date range for records you want to view. Click the "Range" dropdown menu to change which records you see. For example, if you limit the date to "This Week", any record that was not closed (the value in the "Date Field" option) this week will not appear in the results.

Note that in the previous image, there were 164 matching records, but in this image, there are only 12 matching records.

You can also change which columns are displayed in the output table. In the above pictures, all of the results are grouped by amount, so every entry has the same value in the "amount" column within each group. To remove the "amount" column from the output table, go to the very top of the page. Click the x next to the Amount field in the "Select Fields" box. You can also add fields from the list of all Opportunity fields (in this example), including custom fields. Simply click inside the Select Fields box and either scroll through the list and click on the field you want to include, or type the name of the field.

Once you have chosen the fields fields you want, click Run Report again, and the new table will be created with the selected fields.

For more flexibility with refining your report results, please see "Custom Logic in Reports" in the User Guide.