Schedule Sender

Snapforce CRM provides the ability to send schedules via email. Only admin users have access to set up the schedule sender.

1. Login to Snapforce CRM with credentials

2. Navigate to your username and select setup 

3. Select AppManager > Schedule Sender 

4. On the right select New 

5. Next select who's schedule is being sent.

6. Then type in the Email the schedule is being sent to. (If you want to send the same schedule to more then one person you would have to set each new one up individually).

7. Choose how often you would like the schedule you chose to be sent, you can choose to have it sent daily, weekly or monthly. (Once you set up the schedule to be sent it automatically sends on its own at 6am either on a daily weekly or monthly basis.)

Note: You can always add and delete the schedules you want to be sent as needed.