Viewing Account Details

Select an Account Name from the Account List's page to view the record's detailed information.

The Account Record or detail page displays contact and general information for the Account you select, informational elements displayed on the page include:

  • Account Detail
  • Additional Information
  • Address Information
  • System Information
  • Category Information
  • Contacts
  • Cases
  • Opportunities
  • Orders
  • Assets
  • Projects
  • Timeline
  • Call Log
  • Note Log
  • Email Log
  • Event Log
  • File Log


The Account Record page layout is also customizable. To edit the page layout of your Account Record's select the Edit Page Layout link in the top right corner of the page.

User Permissions Needed

To view accounts: “Read” on accounts
To edit business accounts: “Edit” on accounts
To edit person accounts: “Edit” on accounts and contacts
To enable client portal users: “Edit” on accounts and contacts


As the owner of an account, you can normally view all data related to that account. However, your administrator can set an option on your role that determines whether you can view opportunities that you do not own that are associated with your accounts. Also, if your accounts are assigned to territories, your administrator can set options that determine whether users in that territory can view, edit, transfer, or delete your accounts.