Voicemail Setup Instructions

To setup and record your voicemail open any Snapforce telephone console and dial your mailbox number (to find your mailbox number click on the telephony menu -> Messages -> Voicemail Setup).
Enter the pin for this extension (to find your pin click on the Telephony menu -> Messages -> Voicemail Setup), followed by #.
Once your credentials are verified, dial 0 for mailbox options.

  • Press 1 to record your unavailable message.
  • Press 2 to record your busy message.
  • Press 3 to record your name.
  • Press 4 to manage your temporary greeting.

At anytime throughout this process simply press * to return to the main menu.
Note: This is what callers will here when they call you directly and reach your voicemail. Each user has their own mailbox within your organization.

If this solved your issue please reply and confirm. If you have any additional questions please reply to this case.