Web-to-Contact Forms

You can create Web-to-Contact Forms using the Administrator Setup Area of your system. By navigating to the User Menu > Setup > Customize > Contacts > Web-to-Contact > New.

From this area, select the fields you wish to add to your form. Once you finish and click Save the system will automatically build your form and return a snippet of HTML Source Code, which you can copy and paste on to your website where you will like it to appear. You can select both standard fields and custom fields (if applicable). 

Additional Options

Landing Page URL: where your visitor will be redirected to after submitting the form.
Default Contact Creator: Who will be assigned as the "Created By" user.
Default Response Template: Choose an email template that will automatically be used as the email that is sent to your visitor after they submit the form. 

Landing Page URL Return Codes

Success: If the form is processed successfully with no user input errors, a response code of ?success=sf_wf will be appended to the redirect URL.
Failed: If the form is processed successfully with no user input errors, a response code of ?failed=sf_wf will be appended to the redirect URL.

With these two response codes your web developer or programmer can write some code to make the status of the form visible to your users (or for other reasons, such as querying an external service or system, or sending an email to your webmaster). See below for a sample php code example that will display the status of the form submission to your users.



The default response template will only be emailed to your visitor if the Email field is included in your web form, and if they enter a valid email when submitting.