Call Monitoring Coaching and Barging

Snapforce Cloud Phone Systems are provisioned for Call Monitoring, Call Coaching, and Call Barging capabilities. 

To use this feature dial 123 from your Snapforce Telephone Console, you will hear a beep and operator alerting you (only you can hear this) that you are now ready to enter a call. After the operator alerts you just dial the extension of the user whose call you wish to enter. 

At this point you will be Monitoring the users active call, this means you can hear their conversation but they cannot hear you. To change between features you have the following options:

4 - Monitoring (default as you enter the call)
5 - Coaching (your user can hear you, but the caller cannot)
6 - Barging (you fully enter the call)


  • After entering the extension of the user whose call you wish to monitor you will be using the Monitoring feature, to switch to Coaching dial 5, to switch to Barging dial 6.
  • You can switch between features by dialing their corresponding digit (4, 5, or 6).
  • Call Barging is not a three-way call, if the user whose line is being Barged into hangs up the call will be dropped.