Solutions Field Structure

Field Name  API Format Description Data Type Maximum LImit
Record ID  solution_id The unique id number Auto Increment BigInt(32)
Record Type  type  The type of record Text box -
Record Owner  owner  The Snapforce CRM user for whom the record is assigned Lookup -
Solution Title solution_title The title of the solution Text Field 255
Solution Details solution_details The details of the solution TextArea 32000
Is Public public If the solution is public, 1 equals public, 0 equals not public Checkbox Boolean
Visible In Knowledge Base visible_in_kb Is the solution visible in the system knowledge base for all users to use as a resource Checkbox Boolean
Solution Status status The status of the solution Picklist Alphanumeric(150)
Created By created_by Who created this record Lookup(User) BigInt(32)
Date Created  date_created  The date the record was created.  DateTime  0000-00-00 00:00:00
Last Modified By last_modified_by Who last edited this record Lookup(User) BigInt(32)
Date Last Modified date_last_modified The date the record was last modified DateTime  0000-00-00 00:00:00
Custom Field 1- 100 customfield1 - customfield100 The custom field(s) your administrator arbitrarily created Specified by your administrator Specified by your administrator.